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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

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Angela R Viesca, LCSW-S, CCM, CART, CCFP, EMDR Approved Consultant and KAP therapist

KAP Services

There are options to choose from when engaging in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. Email me at to discuss which may be the right one for you. 

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Remote Individual KAP

Your KAP therapist will be with you virtually through the entirety of your dosing session. You will also need an at home chaperone in the home to support you during your experience as needed.

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At Home Self Guided KAP

You will check in with your KAP therapist from the comfort of your home before you begin and after you complete your dosing experience. Your therapist will not be present virtually during the dosing experience. An at home chaperone is required to be present to support you.

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In Person KAP

In person KAP sessions are available for preparation, dosing session, and integration work. Chaperones are required to provide transportation to and from session.



Preparation Sessions

 Preparation sessions (60 minutes each) are needed to develop therapeutic rapport and provide education about the therapeutic process. The number of sessions is unique to the client, but averages 2 to 5 sessions per client.


3 Hour Dosing Session

For Remote and In Person services, your therapist will be present for a 3 hour window of time to be with you and support you during your Ketamine experience.

Self Guided KAP only requires brief check-ins before and after the dosing session. There is no fee for the dosing experience, just for the preparation and integration sessions. Self Guided KAP typically requires a previous in person or remote experience and approval from your Journey clinical prescriber.


Integration Sessions

Your therapist will meet with you for 1 or more integration sessions (60 minutes) - after your ketamine session and before you engage in additional dosing sessions (if you choose to do more). This is particularly important to maximize the benefits of increased neuroplasticity that can occur after Ketamine dosing. This window of time can enhance the effectiveness of the therapeutic work done. 

All KAP Services are Self Pay only. For those wanting to use out of network insurance benefits, superbills can be provided for preparation and integration sessions only.
Contact Angela at for more information

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