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EMDR Consultation

Viesca Therapeutic Services, PLLC is now offering EMDR Consultation Services

Consultations are provided by Angela R Viesca, LCSW-S, CCM, C-ASWCM, CCFP, CART.  Angela is an EMDR certified clinician and Approved Consultant. She has been practicing psychiatric social work since 1992. Additionally, Angela's EMDR training and certification process was completed under the direction of Christie Sprowls, Psy.D,  the only EMDR consultant and trainer in Texas that was trained directly by Francine Shapiro Ph.D., the originator and developer of EMDR therapy.

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Individual Consultation Services Available $150/hr

CIT Group Consultation Starting March 7, 2024. Thursdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm. $75 per 60 minute group. Click HERE for more information and the group schedule for 2024


Reasons to Seek Consultation?

  • ​For support and feedback when working with complex or challenging cases

  • To increase personal comfort and/or skill level in the provision of EMDR therapy

  • To work towards completion of consultation requirements for EMDR Certification

EMDR Certification Requirements?

  • Click here for current EMDR Certification requirements

  • Of the 20 hours of consultation required for EMDR Certification, a CIT (Consultant in Training) may provide up to 15 hours of the necessary consultation.  The remaining 5 hours must be provided by an EMDRIA approved consultant. 

When can I seek consultation that will count towards EMDR certification?

  • Upon completion of both portions of EMDR Basic Training   -OR-

  • After completion of the first half of EMDR Basic Training with permission from your EMDRIA approved Training Provider

What type of consultation do I need to become a certified EMDR clinician?

Angela's training and experience include advanced topics/protocols as noted below

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder: How to Recognize it and How to Treat it -  presented by Colin A. Ross, MD

  • Special Considerations for EMDR with Autistic and ADHD Clients - Christine MacInnis, LMFT

  • At the Crossroads of Trauma Therapy - Integrating EMDR, Structural Dissociation, Attachment Repair and Parts Work - presented by Rachel Walker, MFT

  • Memory Reconsolidation, the Flash Technique & EMDR - presented by Philip Manfield, PhD

  • Integrated Treatment of Chronic Pain and Chronic Health Conditions - presented by Gary Brothers, LCSW

  • IFS for EMDR Therapists - presented by Bruce Hersey, LCSW

  • IFS-Informed EMDR - presented by Bruce Hersey, LCSW

  • Working with Parts in Dissociative Disorders: A Practical Guide for EMDR Therapists - presented by Dolores Mosquera, MA, Psy

  • Demystifying and Humanizing Dissociation in EMDR Therapy Practice - presented by Jamie Marich, PhD, LPCC-S

  • Integrating the Multidimensional Inventory of Dissociation into Clinical Practice: MID Analysis v5.x and Interpretive Manual, 3rd Edition (on-demand webinar) - presented by D. Michael Coy, MA, LICSW, EMDRIA AC and Jennifer Madere, MA, LPC, EMDRIA AC/AT

  • EMDR Therapy Treatment of Anxiety - presented by Christie Sprowls, PsyD

  • EMDR and Addictions, DeTUR Protocol - presented by Dr. AJ Popky and Stephen Ammann, LCSW, CSAT

  • Things I Wish I Had Been Told about Working with Complex Trauma and Dissociation - presented by Kathy Steele, MN, CS

  • Working More Successfully with Your Clients Who Have Dissociative Identity Disorder, Using Structural Dissociation, Ego State Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and EMDR Therapy - presented by Farnsworth Lobenstine, LICSW and Gillian Clissold, LPC

  • EMDR Introject Decathexis Protocol: An Integrative Approach to Unbind Perpetrator Parts - presented by D. Michael Coy, MA, LICSW

  • EMDR Therapy Protocols for Early Intervention and Ongoing Traumatic Stress - presented by Dr. Ignacio Jarero and Kelly Smyth-Dent, LCSW

    • ASSYST-I - Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization Individual Procedure​

    • ASSYST-G - Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization for Groups

    • EMDR-PRECI - Recent Critical Incidents and Ongoing Traumatic Stress

    • EMDR-IGTP-OTS - EMDR Integrative Group Treatment Protocol for Ongoing Traumatic Stress

  • International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation | American Society of Clinical Hypnosis - Level I Hypnosis Training 

  • The Neurobiology of Trauma - sponsored by The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine


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