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Clinical Supervision
Accepting New Supervisees 
Limited Availability


Angela R. Viesca, LCSW-S, CCM, C-ASWCM, CCFP, CART, and EMDR Approved Consultant offers clinical supervision to LMSWs who are interested in working towards becoming an LCSW. Clinical supervision is a commitment of time and resources as well as a consistent dedication to self-reflection and professional growth. I encourage you to reach out to Angela and to other LCSW Supervisors to assess for Goodness of Fit. The process of supervision is critical to becoming a nuanced and competent professional. An open, collaborative and in some respects comfortable relationship is necessary for best outcomes. Please initiate contact with Angela by clicking on  the  Supervision Inquiry Form link above. Please review the Board requirements for clinical supervision prior to completing the Supervision Inquiry Form. Information and application forms for Supervision can be found here:


Trauma-informed supervision is just one component of trauma-informed care, a system-wide approach to human services that recognizes that trauma is pervasive and seeks to mitigate its impact. According to Dr. L. Elizabeth Lincoln, trauma-informed care “promote[s] a culture of safety, empowerment, and healing.”

Trauma-informed care is composed of six principles: safety; trustworthiness and transparency; peer support; collaboration and mutuality; empowerment, voice, and choice; and cultural historical and gender issues. The same six principles are present in trauma-informed supervision.



Angela's professional experience includes 30 years in the field of social work & practice in but not limited to the following areas:

* Mental Health for Older Adults

* Case Management
* Dissociative Disorders including Dissociative Identity Disorder
* Behavioral Health and Managed Care Organizations
* Medical Social Work
* Independent Practice / Group Practice Owner
* Anger Management
* Grief & Bereavement 
* Trauma and Abuse

* EMDR Approved Consultant


100 hours of supervision is required for 3,000 work hours, which shall occur in no less than 24 months.

4 hours/month supervision for a full-time LMSW

Cost:  $100 per supervisory hour

Format currently offered: 3 hours group (broken down to 1- 2 hr group and 1 - 1 hr group) and 1 hour individual per month. This format may change according to supervisee or supervisor need.

Additional Individual Supervision Hours: $150 per hour upon request

Supervisees are required to carry professional liability insurance for the duration of the supervision.


For Supervised Clinical Experience to be Acceptable: Each practice location must encompass the role of social work.  At least one practice location must provide the Supervisee a minimum of four hours per week of direct clinical practice, gaining competency using specialized clinical knowledge and advanced skills to assess, diagnose, and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, conditions, and addictions. Treatment methods must include individual, marital, couple, family, and group psychotherapy.

The simplest way to determine if a job description meets the minimum requirements for developing competency in clinical social work is to ask:  "Will this individual, based on social work experience in this job, be competent to provide psychotherapy in independent practice upon completion of the supervised experience?”

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